Time flies

Woah. I cannot believe I’ve been living here for over a year now. Time has gone by so fast, things have changed, so much has happened since March 2017, it would probably take a whole day to write it all down.

I’m happy here, it definitely feels like a home far away from home. I do miss Italy, my friends, my family – but I realized how lucky I am to have them support me despite being so far away. And I have an amazing husband who supports everything and anything I embark upon.

I’ve met amazing people during this past year, made friends (no enemies so far – at least no new ones) that will hopefully accompany me through this crazy life in NYC.

I feel terrible for not updating this website more, but I’ll try my best to add more to it – I’ve been mostly focused on Instagram, as I’ve become a food influencer… ha! Which means I wasn’t totally lethargic and lazy af, more so busy withe the IG life – which BTW ain’t always fun and games.

I don’t know if anyone out there still even comes here, but if you do… be on the lookout for more to come, and thanks for still coming here every now and then to check this old, dusty corner of the web. ❤



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