Easiest Focaccia – no kneading!


If you follow my stories on Instagram, by now you should know I’ve been quite the avid focaccia baker in the past few months. And by that I mean I’ve been trying to perfect a recipe and that meant making it at least once or twice a week – not that I’m complaining.

I now feel confident enough to share my recipe with you, so that you can try to make it as well. If you’re lucky to be in Italy where you can find it anywhere and it’s delicious, you probably won’t need to make it, but trust me when I say that here in NYC I have yet to find a bakery that sells a really good one. I’ve only found good ones in a couple italian restaurants…

Without further ado… here’s the recipe! If you do make it please tag me on you pictures on IG , I’d love to see your results! 😊

Dry ingredients:
2 cups bread flour
2 cups all purpose flour

2 teaspoons active dry yeast
400ml warm water
1 full tsp sugar
2 tablespoons olive oil

Mix together the ingredients of the starter except for the olive oil. Once it bubbles and foams (which means your yeast is alive and well) add the olive oil and start slowly adding flour. Depending on the temperature in your apartment and the humidity level you might need less or more. Once the dough is sticky add salt. Keep adding flour and once it comes together enough to form it into a loose dough ball and keep mixing for a few minutes to develop the gluten. Let it rest covered in a warm place for an hour or until doubled in volume (I usually cover with plastic wrap and then use a kitchen towel to keep it warm).

Cover an oven tray with abundant olive oil. Transfer the dough stretching it in the pan – if it doesn’t stretch perfectly don’t worry, just do the best you can and then just let it rise another 45-50 minutes (if you want a thinner focaccia just let it sit around 15 minutes). Mix a couple tablespoons of water and a couple tablespoons of oil together and pour it on top of the focaccia creating little dips as you spread it around, to create the classic focaccia surface – sprinkle with coarse salt (or herbs or olives, or tomatoes, depending on which focaccia you want).



Bake in the oven at 300F for 30 minutes and another 10 minutes at 350F. Keep an eye on it cause every oven is different. Once it’s nice and browned on the top… it’s ready! You’ll be tempted to try it right away, but let it cool down a bit, as the texture will be better and it will be easier to cut into as well!




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